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County inspection dates by RoSPA Play Safety

RoSPA will undertake inspections at a discounted rate in each county and in Wales during these months. Please book inspections before the start of the first discounted rate month for your area. Inspections can be carried out at other times but extra charges will apply.

How to Book

  1. Email us at [email protected]

  2. Complete and return the Play Safety Inspection Services Order Form  Play Safety Inspection Services Order Form

We will send you an email once the inspection is booked in.


County Month
Bedfordshire May/June
Berkshire April/May
Buckinghamshire May/June
Cambridgeshire April/May
Cheshire April/May
Cornwall April/May
Cumbria August/September
Derbyshire May/June
Devon March/April
Dorset May/June
Durham June/July
Essex May/June
Gloucestershire April/May
Hampshire May/June
Herefordshire March/April
Hertfordshire May/June
Isle of Wight May/June
Kent July/August
Lancashire August/September
Leicestershire May/June
Lincolnshire August/September
County Month
Norfolk June/July
Northamptonshire June/July
Northumberland June/July
Nottinghamshire May/June
Oxfordshire July/August
Rutland May/June
Shropshire June/July
Somerset June/July
Staffordshire August/September
Suffolk September/October
Surrey June/July
Sussex June/July
Warwickshire September/October
West Midlands September/October
Wiltshire September/October
Worcestershire March/April
Yorkshire September/October
Wales June/ July

Contact Us

Playsafety Ltd *
+44 (0)1793 317470
[email protected]
Unit 78, Shrivenham Hundred Business Park, Watchfield, Swindon, SN6 8TY
* RoSPA’s activities in the area of play safety are carried out under an exclusive licence arrangement by an independent and highly experienced specialist company, “Playsafety Ltd” which trades under such licence as “RoSPA Play Safety”.