Inspections of skate areas

Regular inspections

The skateboard area should be inspected at least once a week. The following should be checked:

  1. All surfaces including surrounding surfaces, should be free of mud, leaves, stones, or other similar materials
  2. All access paths should be in good condition
  3. The structure should appear sound and in good condition and have no panels etc missing.
  4. All screws/fixings should be in place and not projecting
  5. All transition plates between ramps and ground should be flush with no projection more than 5mm (ideally 3mm max)
  6. All guard rails should be in good condition with no damage and no bars missing
  7. All grind rails should be firmly fixed and all end caps should be in place.
  8. There should be no sharp edges or projections anywhere on the skating surface

All inspections should be documented and the documentation kept for as long as possible (RoSPA recommend a minimum of 15 years)

Annual inspections

There should be an annual inspection from a suitably qualified inspector (Full membership of the Register of Play Inspectors International is strongly recommended)

RoSPA can undertake this service at an economical cost at the same time as they are doing the annual play area inspection.

Post-installation inspections

RoSPA strongly recommend that all new installations are subject to a Post Installation Inspection prior to use.

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