Selecting a suitable skateboarding site

When selecting a site the following should be considered:

  • Before anything else consult: neighbours and potential users
  • The area should be clearly separated (by barriers, fencing etc.) from any traditional play equipment
  • It should be of sufficient size for the facility and any associated landscaping
  • It should be easily accessible to users by bicycle, foot, and public transport (if there is any)
  • It should be separated from adjacent housing or a buffer zone provided to reduce problems of noise. (Consult supplier on this). Noise levels at surrounding properties should not exceed 55 decibels.
  • It should not be near trees (leaves of the surface can be hazardous)
  • It should clearly be identified as "their space" for users. Adjacent seating is recommended and ideally there should be toilets nearby.
  • It is essential that there is good access for emergency vehicles.
  • You may need suitable road signage and possibly crossing facilities
  • Hard surface access is desirable
  • Try to orientate the equipment so that users are not dazzled by low sun in the spring and autumn
  • If lighting is provided there should be some control on timing to prevent a nuisance to local residents.

Users should be encouraged to police and help train new users, discourage irresponsible users, and inappropriate use or vandalism.

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