Safety tips for users of skateboarding areas

Correct protective gear such as helmets, slip resistant shoes and padding do not necessarily guarantee skateboarders from limb fractures but they do greatly reduce the number and severity of injuries.

Protective clothing should be combine comfort, design, and functionality. It should not inhibit movement or vision.

RoSPA gives the following very basic guidance for safe skateboarding:

1. Never ride in the road
2. Check riding surfaces for holes, bumps, loose debris etc. Over half of the injuries to skateboarders are due to uneven surfaces
3. Check your board for any loose or broken parts, or for any sharp edges and make sure that the wheels are in good condition
4. Don't take unnecessary risks

  • There should be only one person per board
  • Never hitch a ride for a car, bus, bicycle etc
  • Build up to complicated tricks in stages and after careful practice in a specially designed area.

5. Learn how to fall in the case of an accident. It may well reduce the risk of serious injury

  • If you are loosing your balance, crouch down on the skateboard so that you do not have so far to fall
  • If you fall, try to land on fleshy parts of the body and to roll, rather than absorb the force with your arms
  • During a fall try (however difficult this might be) to relax your body rather then tense up.

More tips

Children using wheeled sports equipment should cover bare skin and wear minimum protective gear:

  • helmet (should meet BS EN1078)
  • wrist, elbow and knee protection

Children should be encouraged to:

  • skate within their ability
  • never skate on road, footpath, near water or inside buildings
  • never skate on their own
  • tell someone where they are going
  • check out new facilities before using them
  • look out for other users
  • skateboarders should jump off before they fall off
  • check skateboards, skates and equipment regularly for wear and tear

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