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Carbon monoxide poisoning policy

RoSPA supports an ongoing campaign to alert members of the public to the necessity for ventilation and proper maintenance of all appliances burning fossil fuels.

RoSPA also supports an awareness raising campaign to alert everyone to the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

RoSPA would like to see full-scale research into CO levels found in dwellings and in individual's blood and breath and their effects on health.

RoSPA fully supports continued research into the long-term effectiveness and reliability of Carbon Monoxide detectors.

RoSPA recommends that people using holiday accommodation (caravans, cottages, apartments) both at home and abroad which are heated using fossil fuels, make sure the premises are well ventilated and are aware of the symptoms and dangers of CO poisoning. A carbon monoxide detector is recommended in this type of accommodation.

RoSPA's Carbon Monoxide Advice and Information

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