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Residual Current Devices (RCDs)

RoSPA supports the continued promotion of RCDs.

RoSPA welcomes the requirement in the Building Regulations that all new dwellings should incorporate whole house RCD protection.

RoSPA would like there to be a requirement for whole house RCD protection to be fitted at the time of rewiring in older properties.

RoSPA would like to see all hired electrical equipment supplied with an RCD.

Protective socket covers for 13-amp power outlets

RoSPA recommends that all electrical equipment is stored safely away when not in use and children are supervised and warned to keep away from plug socket outlets until they are capable of understanding the risks and are able to use them safely.

13-amp power sockets made to BS 1363 incorporate a shutter mechanism, which prevents inappropriate access to the live connectors. RoSPA therefore does not consider it necessary to recommend the use of socket covers.

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