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Product safety key issues

There is clearly a need for better product safety management. RoSPA believes the following issues must be addressed:

1. The need to develop safer products

An estimated 0.75 million accidental injuries each year are caused by unsafe products. Despite product safety legislation and standards, many products still present unacceptable risks.

RoSPA is working to promote a coherent product safety culture, including a stronger emphasis on using risk assessment at the design stage, going beyond minimum standards and encouraging the integration of product safety management systems with other systems dealing with health and safety, quality and the environment.

2. Better information on product safety, including product recalls

There is no comprehensive and accessible source of case data on product-related accidental injuries, safety-related product recalls or enforcement action. Similarly, there is no mandatory requirement for manufacturers to report product safety failures. RoSPA is developing proposals to address these issues.

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