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Keep Kids Safe in the Home

The Keeping Kids Safe in the Home Project is designed to provide parents and carers of children under the age of five with simple advice and information to help them keep their children safe from accidental harm.

The project is based on parents being provided with a Keeping Kids Safe Pack, which combines advice with practical solutions and resources The project originated from RoSPA’s Centenary Appeal (Brighter Beginnings) which raised funds to provide resource packs to vulnerable parents/parents-to-be and carers of babies or children under the age of five.

Following a successful pilot in Dundee City, focus groups and feedback revealed that parents would prefer some small changes to the pack.

The amended pack includes the following: life-saving advice, tips and tools, including an easy-to-fit cupboard catch, a nursery thermometer, a falls prevention height chart, a coaster, door jammer and useful kitchen/bathroom resources (a flannel and a weaning spoon). A leaflet covering household poisons and tips to prevent children choking on small foods is also be included.

Aim of Project

This project is part funded by the Safer Communities Division, Safer Communities Directorate, Scottish Government. The key aim is to raise awareness of home accidents and unintentional injuries to families with children under the age of five; and provide insights into how parents of young children respond to and use safety information and equipment.

To achieve these aims, the following objectives will be addressed: 

  • Distribute 800 Keeping Kids Safe packs to families in Edinburgh through the Family Nurse Partnership and Health Visitors
  • Carry out research with parents to explore how they respond to and use the safety information and equipment provided. This is being undertaken by Powellite C.I.C

For further information and tips – please visit our Information Hub.

Research and evaluation

Powellite C.I.C undertook independent research on the project. The final report can be accessed here.

Overall the project was successful and noted that, "Working with Health Visitors in deprived areas and the Family Nurse Partnership to reach young mums is an excellent approach to support and educate parents on low incomes who have limited knowledge about the risks of strangulation, suffocation and poisoning in the home.”

Keeping Kids Safe in the Home

Learn how you can keep your kids safe at home

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Research and evaluation

Read Powellite C.I.C's independent research on the Keeping Kids Safe project

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Keeping Kids Safe Project Dundee

Read the KKS Dundee evaluation report here.

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