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Scotland's Home Safety Equipment Scheme

Scotland Home Safety Equipment Scheme

Scotland's Home Safety Equipment Scheme (SHSES) took place over the period April 2013 to June 2014.

This Scheme was funded by the Scottish Government and enabled RoSPA in Scotland to co-ordinate the delivery of crucial home safety advice to over 900 families across 12 local authority areas.

Along with the delivery of essential advice on how to keep the homes of young children safer, RoSPA worked in partnership to ensure each family received prescribed equipment - delivered and fitted with no charge to the families.

The key partners in SHSES were the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Care and Repair Scotland.

Download the SMCI Associates Evaluation of Scotland's Home Safety Equipment Scheme

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the scheme focused its attention on the Scottish Borders Local Authority area. During the 2014/2015 financial year 212 children under the age of 15 were admitted to hospital as a result of an unintentional injury in the home in the Scottish Borders alone, with children under the age of 5 accounting for 87 of the overall admission total.

It reached 43 vulnerable families and a total of 66 vulnerable children under the age of five over the course of 11 months. Each family had an average 6.5 items of safety equipment supplied and professionally fitted.

The cost of delivering the scheme was £196 for each family, or £96 per child.

The most recent available data on the average cost of a non-fatal hospital treated home accident for a child aged up to four years is £10,600.

Download Scotland's Home Safety Equipment Scheme: Phase 2 evaluation

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