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Health and safety solutions
for SMEs

RoSPA works across a broad range of sectors and with all sizes of organisations. As the leading voice in health and safety, we have expert consultants, a wide range of products and a fantastic array of training courses ideally suited to help small businesses manage their health and safety obligations.

Is it time you found a credible and efficient partner in health and safety?

Bitesize health and safety E-learning kit

Bitesize Health and Safety E-learning Kit

Helping businesses to demonstrate their health and safety management capability.

RoSPA has worked with key organisations to establish a set of core criteria which will be widely recognised as a benchmark of achievement in health and safety. This is particularly addressed at simplifying the huge variety of health and safety pre-qualification schemes which can baffle small business, and is in support of the desire by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills to rationalise all aspects of pre-qualification in procurement generally.

While many smaller businesses recognise the importance of having robust arrangements in place to manage health and safety, they often lack the expertise and professional resources needed to develop their systems fully and to demonstrate their capability to potential clients.

RoSPA has developed the following suite of services to help companies that are seeking a one-stage health and safety pre-qualification which highlights the core issues:

  • Core criteria workshops for SMEs
  • Our online 'core criteria' e-learning packages
  • Board level briefings
  • Senior manager training
  • A health and safety review service
  • Mentoring for clients and contractors
  • Master class events
  • Training needs analyses
  • A new guide aimed at small firms
  • Our guidance and advice for the Management of Occupational Road Risk

Find out more about RoSPA's Bitesize Health and Safety E-learning Kit.

For more information please call +44 (0)121 248 2233 or email [email protected].

Do your staff drive for work?

Click here for a free trial of RoSPA Driver Profiler.

Driver Profiler – the risk assessment solution
An online questionnaire, which looks at attitude and behaviour when driving and the level of risk associated with different characteristics, you can assess your driver for as little as £15.

For further information about RoSPA's award winning Driver Profiler call +44 (0)121 248 2233 or apply for a free trial now.

Find out more about RoSPA's unrivalled E-Learning solutions range.

Expert consultancy – the flexible way

Decades of knowledge, committed to help
RoSPA believes in a flexible approach to consultancy, working closely with the relevant people towards a specific goal.

Pay as you go consultancy
Have access to our expert consultants on an ad-hoc basis, and only pay for what you use. Always available, and always tailored to your needs, for a small business this service can save time and money, with premises visits from our consultants or telephone access if this method suits your business best.

Partnership Consultancy
An expert RoSPA consultant can be retained by your organisation for exclusive use on your own premises.

Developing Procedures and Documents
Documents are developed to incorporate both legislative requirements and recognised best practice in liaison with clients to ensure their relevance to the clients' needs and activities. This can range from developing individual procedures, to the production of a full health and safety management manual or handbook.

For full information on RoSPA's consultancy service for small businesses please call +44 (0)121 248 2233.

Looking for consultancy on a specific area? View our full range of Consultancy Services.

Health and Safety Review
Developed principally for small businesses RoSPA's Health and Safety Review provides guidance for managers with responsibility for health and safety. For more information call +44 (0)121 248 2233.

Small businesses get large benefits

RoSPA membership for SME's
RoSPA is a society of members who are dedicated to reducing accidents in the workplace, on the road, at home, near or in water and in leisure pursuits – through the education of others.

You can join RoSPA and enjoy these membership benefits.

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