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Influencing policy

RoSPA influences policy through: promoting its Key Issues - to improve workplace health and safety; responding to consultations - with ideas and suggestions which RoSPA believes should be considered; publishing 'Parting Shots - Roger Bibbings, RoSPA's Occupational Safety Adviser contributes his ideas and thinking on the world of Health and Safety; and working with its National Occupational Safety & Health Committee.

Key issues

RoSPA has a number of key issues which focuses policy development effort on major topics where RoSPA intervention can help secure significant and lasting safety change, working, where possible, in co-operation with others and developing associated products and services where appropriate.

RoSPA's 'Key Issues' include; Assisting Small firms; Occupational Health, Managing Occupational Road Risk, Accident Investigation, Director Leadership, Team Leadership and Worker involvement.

Consultation responses

RoSPA responds to consultations on Occupational Health and Safety contributing ideas and suggestions. RoSPA also encourages its members and members of local Safety Groups to contribute their views.

View latest consultation responses.

Historical parting shots

Roger Bibbings, RoSPA's Partnership Consultant contributes his ideas and thinking on the world of Health and Safety. Read Parting Shots here.

National committee

RoSPA's National Occupational Health and Safety Committee is drawn from organisations representing a broad cross section of occupational safety and health interests, who advise RoSPA in identifying ways and means of improving occupational safety and health.

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