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We have produced several highly informative DVDs and videos on a range of road safety topics. Here is a selection of video clips which can now be viewed online.

Motorcycle cornering

This video features a police advanced motorcyclist who shares some of his experiences to help riders plan for what you can see, what you can’t see or realistically expect to happen

Car seats for children with additional needs

Children with additional needs must use child car seats and seatbelts in the same way as children who do not have additional needs. In some cases, a specially adapted child car seat may be necessary for a child with additional needs

Electric bikes

Electric bikes are fast becoming commonplace on our streets with many people choosing an e-bike to replace short car trips. As well as having health benefits e-bikes are environmentally friendly and, due to cycling assist, they are ideal for hillier and longer journeys

Road Safety Inquiry - RoSPA's response

Highlights from our response to the Commons Transport Committee's call for evidence as part of it's road safety inquiry

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