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Destination Drive

RoSPA’s Mature Drivers Initiative

RoSPA has produced free downloadable resources to help road safety practitioners deliver a mature drivers event, including driving assessments.

Everyone ages differently, so age itself is not a suitable indicator of an individual’s driving ability. Many mature drivers monitor their driving ability and can identify when they need to drive less, get help from a professional or stop driving altogether. Research shows that loss of independent mobility has negative health effects, and RoSPA aims to help mature drivers by providing advice and information to ensure that they can drive for as long as they are not a danger to themselves and others.

How can we ensure mature drivers are aware of their driving ability?

Experienced Driver Assessments

RoSPA offers Experienced Driver Assessments (EDAs) for anyone who wants to assess their driving ability and find out their strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement and whether it is a good idea to continue driving or not. EDAs are not a test and are completely confidential — the examiner provides feedback and a written report reviewing the individual’s driving. Further information can be found on our RoADAR website.

Safety Initiatives: Destination Drive

In 2019, RoSPA ran a mature drivers initiative called Destination Drive, which was designed to increase the confidence of mature drivers and provide feedback on their driving ability by giving advice and providing free driving assessments in the form of a day-long event. The ultimate aim of the initiative was to allow mature drivers to be on the road for longer, keep safe and adapt their driving skills.

Destination Drive Feedback

RoSPA’s Destination Drive events were a great success and RoSPA hopes that they had a positive safety effect. The following quote is an example of the feedback received from individuals that took part in the free driving assessments:

"The assessor I found to be very professional, easy to talk to, skilled with regard to imparting knowledge and making people feel at ease. I am now busy reading the Highway Code booklet given to me by staff on the stand."

Road Safety Practitioners: Taking Action

As part of the Destination Drive project, RoSPA has produced an extensive guide describing how other road safety practitioners can replicate the events within their own organisations. The guide includes information about the Destination Drive initiative, how to find and book venues for the events, how to promote the event and how to evaluate it.

RoSPA has also provided all of the artwork (poster, postcard and leaflet) and documents needed to carry out a Destination Drive event (e.g. a survey and application form template). The artwork has been provided in three versions:

  • The versions that RoSPA used for its 2019 Destination Drive events
  • Files that can be used by a graphic designer to add your organisation’s logo and telephone number to blank versions of the artwork
  • Blank versions that can be viewed for reference.
Destination Drive report
Destination Drive - Report

RoSPA’s comprehensive guide to carrying out a mature drivers event for your own organisation

Destination drive resources
Destination Drive - Resource pack

This pack contains all the artwork and documents you will need for your event

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