Safer for Longer

Resources to assist pharmacists in providing guidance to mature drivers

In Great Britain in 2019, 203 drivers aged 60 and over were killed in road collisions, while 1,867 were seriously injured and 7,844 were slightly injured.

The risk of being involved in a collision increases after the age of 70, but up to that age drivers are no more likely to cause a crash than to be the victim of another road user’s mistake. However, drivers over 70, and especially over 80, are more likely to be at fault when they crash.

Some underlying health conditions and medications are a key risk factor for collisions involving mature drivers. Many drivers monitor their ability and adapt their driving as they age. However, not all mature drivers do this, so more guidance is needed for them and their relatives.

This leaflet and accompanying poster can be printed off and placed in your pharmacy or other healthcare establishments, for mature drivers or their relatives to pick up.

It provides concise information on key aspects of driving as we age, such as legal responsibilities, driving assessments, licensing and, if necessary, when to retire from driving.

RoSPA’s previous experience when working with mature drivers is that they are keen to adapt their driving to accommodate the ageing process. However, there can be considerable confusion as to the process they should follow when wanting to drive safely for longer.

Therefore, placing copies of this easy-to-read leaflet and poster in your pharmacy should assist mature drivers and their relatives in getting the information they need, as well as providing “next step” answers when customers in later life ask for driving help.

The Safer for Longer leaflet is designed to be printed as a booklet. Please set your printer to print as a booklet and fold the pages in half. The poster can be printed in A4 or A3.

Safer for Longer
Safer for Longer

A leaflet and accompanying poster to assist pharmacists in providing key information to mature drivers in their community

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