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Top Ten Tips To Stay Within The Limit

Most of us take professional lessons when learning to drive, but very few of us take any training after passing the Driving Test. Cars are changing rapidly as technology develops and driving conditions are becoming more difficult.

We all develop our own driving style and bad habits over time, and many of us would fail the Driving Test if we retook it today. We would all benefit from refresher training every few years to review and update our driving skills and attitudes. There are many reasons to take refresher training:

  • To Enjoy Your Driving
  • To Improve Your Confidence
  • To Reduce Your Crash Risk
  • To Improve Your Fuel Consumption
  • To Ensure Less Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle.
  • To Lower Your Insurance Premiums,
  • To Meet People
  • To Help get A Job
  • To Prove You're a Good Driver

For more information about refresher driver training, see "Get More From Your Driving" and

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