Road Safety Films

RoSPA's Road Safety Department has produced several highly informative DVDs and videos on a range of road safety topics. Here is a selection of video clips which can now be viewed online.

Driving for Work

Driving for Work

"Driving for Work" is a series of short films designed to raise awareness about the risks faced and created by people who drive for work. It is divided into three chapters, each of which features a 'typical' at-work driver; a van delivery driver, a young sales rep and a senior manager. The film also features advice from road safety experts and members of the emergency services.

Click here to view the Child Car Seats video clips.

Child Car Seats

Choosing and fitting a child car seat is essential for the safety of the child, but with so many seats on the market selecting a seat which best matches your child and the vehicle can seem very confusing. To help parents and carers select the seat that matches the weight and height of the child, and avoid the most common fitting problems RoSPA has produced 16 short films. It is not necessary to watch them all, select the films that match your personal circumstances.

Winter Driving Tips

This film illustrates the most important things to check during Winter and how to do so, these tips may help you cope better with the various seasonal weather hazards. However, as we all know, many of these conditions can occur at any time of year.

Vehicle Checks

Useful advice including how to check your tyre pressure, look for wear and tear and to top up the various fluids in your car. This will help you to save money, inconvenience and above all keep you safe on the roads.

Cyclists and Lorries

This short video highlights the dangers faced by cyclists on the road especially when in the vicinity of lorries.

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