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Yeo Valley Organic

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Organic yoghurt maker Yeo Valley has used Quality Safety Audit (QSA) for seven years and has moved from Level 3 to Level 5 (Diamond) in that time. Terry Kelly, Group Health and Safety Manager, describes the benefits of RoSPA's QSA.

Although we were confident that our health and safety management policy and procedures were good and our 'culture' comparable or better than that of most other companies, the RoSPA QSA process clearly identified many areas requiring improvement.

"The Audit is structured, independent, and has been very supportive in helping the company improve both the health and safety culture within the business, across all of our sites, as well as 'centralisation' of all of our Policy and procedures. The RoSPA QSA has been invaluable in achieving the 'buy in' to health and safety of all of our Directors, management and other staff."

Terry Kelly - Group Health and Safety Manager

Initially, we saw an apparent increase in the incidence of accidents, as a result of an improved reporting system. However, last year we reduced the incidence of accidents by over 20 per cent, with an average ten per cent reduction in RIDDOR reports for each of the last three years.

By obtaining the QSA Standard, and regularly reviewing compliance with much improved central health and safety management policies and procedures, the Directors maintain high confidence levels in meeting their responsibilities within the Law. The HSE has responded favourably to our commitment to independent auditing of our management system by RoSPA.

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Yeo Valley Organic case study

Yeo Valley Organic is an organic family farm based in Somerset making natural yogurt, milk, butter, and other dairy products

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