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What is Smart Buoy?

SMART Buoy is the smart monitoring device that can be fitted to any life ring buoy and will provide critical information on deployment, emergency use and vandalism, and readiness.

An average of 400 accidental drowning occur each year across the United Kingdom. SMART Buoy will keep you updated on when the buoy has been deployed as well as reduce time and money on inspections.

Life ring buoys are a key item of safety equipment for saving lives near water, however they are constantly stolen and/or vandalised across the United Kingdom, which can have a huge impact when they are called upon. When RoSPA Water, leisure and play safety consultants visit sites we often find that life rings are missing or in an unusable condition which puts lives at risk.

So, how do you know if the life ring buoy is present in its housing unit?

SMART Buoy sends you live alerts when someone removes a Life ring buoy and can also send an alert to your local authority to respond to the scene. In addition SMART Buoy also provides a dedicated platform, so you can keep track of the digital footprint of all your life ring buoys.


  • Is simple and quick to fit – no destructive works or engineering is required. Smart Buoy is discrete and can be fitted to any life ring buoy
  • Has a manual inspection button which digitally tracks when a life ring buoy is inspected. Smart Buoy provides constant and immediate information on the readiness of the life ring buoy.
  • Gain access to a state of the art dashboard, and mobile alerts, to help you monitor your life ring buoy – highlight when a life buoy is pending inspection, how many have been used or vandalised in the last 24 hours.
SMART Buoy delivers cost and time savings for your organisation
  • Reduces number of visits by 20%
  • Costs savings per annum – over £60,000
  • Reduction in annual inspection spend by 77%
  • Provide a robust and assured audit information
Contact us today to find out how SMART Buoy can help your organisation.
Contact us today to find out how SMART Buoy can help your organisation.
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