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Fleet telematics

Manage your fleet from one flexible, scalable and easy-to-use platform, and drive your business further.

What is fleet telematics?

More than a quarter of road traffic accidents are estimated to involve somebody who is driving as part of their work at the time. So what can be done to improve the safety of your fleet?

Our fleet telematics is a flexible, digital fleet management system, designed to gather operating data to maximise vehicle performance and, improve employee safety and security on the road, across 54 countries worldwide.

Powered by global Internet of Things (IoT) network, Fleet telematics combines automotive’s expertise in vehicle safety and security, with Vodafone and Geotab’s open fleet platform capabilities, to provide users with access to real-time data that can show how, where, when and by whom a vehicle was used.

Why choose fleet telematics?

Efficiency, safety and, the security of goods and drivers as well as operating costs are top concerns of organisations who operate a fleet of vehicles or who employs people who drive for work.

Our fleet telematics system can help:

Control and reduce operating costs


Enhance customer service


Improve employee and fleet safety and security


Enable new mobility services


Address environmental concerns

How does fleet telematics work?

Fleet telematics is powered by an easy to install vehicle tracking device, which connects your vehicles with the fleet management web portal and driver mobile app. Suitable for tracking just one vehicle or thousands.

From your smartphone or tablet, you can:
  • Track GPS location and trip history for each vehicle
  • Set custom business rules and notifications for location, activity, speeding, hard braking, seatbelt use and more
  • Produce dashboard reports to visualise trends in fleet usage, driving behaviour, fuel consumption, idling, faults and more
  • Optimise routes and proactively manage vehicle maintenance
  • Monitor driving hours, digital tachograph, privacy mode and driver ID

Which package is right for me?

There are two package options available:



  • Real-time information on travel, speed and routes
  • Comprehensive trip reports including utilisation, idling time and after-hours usage
  • Maintenance reminders based on time or GPS odometer
  • Geo-fencing
  • Fleet manager mobile app and web portal
  • Driver ID and mobile app
  • Dashboard and customisable widgets
  • Automatic OBD/CAN detection, VIN self-detection and device defaults

In addition to all the feature of the Base package, as well as:

  • Advanced diagnostics - fuel, odometer, vehicle faults (engine, coolant temperature, brakes, tyres, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and more), and seatbelt
  • Maintenance reminders based on engine data parameters
  • Battery health assessment – low battery warning and voltage monitoring when the ignition is off, detecting battery drain, door open, lights on and more
  • Detection of collision is real-time reconstruction of cause – self-calibrating accelerometer and gyroscope, accident data memory buffer record (100 min. memory on Hertz-basis), impact detection when parked (vehicle movement detection with the engine off)

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