Accident Investigation and Expert Witness

Learn from accidents - Reduce the risk of them reoccurring.

RoSPA defines an accident as an unplanned or uncontrolled (adverse) event that has or could have resulted in injury, damage or loss to an individual or organisation.

Effective accident investigation is not only a moral and legal duty; it also represents sound commercial sense, as identifying and addressing the root causes of accidents guards against future incidents. A thorough investigation of an accident is also a positive visible demonstration of your commitment to safety.

RoSPA's Accident Investigation support service has been designed to help you ensure that a thorough and unbiased investigation takes place that explores all lines of enquiry and results in a prioritised remedial action plan designed to minimise the likelihood of similar accidents happening again.

A RoSPA consultant will help you to swiftly identify and assess a wide range of evidence to determine both the immediate and underlying factors as well as the effectiveness of your accident response arrangements. A detailed report will be produced that describes the accident causes and includes a comprehensive and prioritised action plan. The report will also contain the information needed by your organisation to meet the requirements of the Pre-action Protocol for Personal Injury Claims as published by the Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA).

Subsequent to your receipt of the investigation report and adoption of a remedial action plan, RoSPA's consultant can, if required, support its systematic implementation as well as verifying by audit that objectives have been met.

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