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Safety Policy Review

Time to review your safety policies?

Health and safety policies form the foundation of managing safety, so getting them right is absolutely fundamental. Your health and safety policy is unique to your organisation and must be legally compliant. Furthermore, in order to keep pace with changes, health and safety policies must be regularly reviewed.

If you think your health and safety policy could benefit from an update, or a fresh pair of expert eyes, then consider RoSPA's Health and Safety Policy Review Service, which will:

  • Ensure that the existing health and safety policy is up to date and compliant with best practice and current legislation and guidelines
  • Provide clear, practical recommendations in a report format for improvements and revision
  • Make appropriate recommendations for change and re-drafting
  • Take a pragmatic, rather than a prescriptive approach in recommending changes

In addition to reviewing your over-arching health safety policy - we are also able to review policies and procedures relating to any legislative/risk area

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