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COVID-19 confidence review

COVID-19 Back-to-work review

Amid rapid change, one certainty is that COVID-19 is here for the foreseeable future. As we cannot yet eradicate the virus, we must manage the risks to safety, health and welfare for our employees, customers, the public and of course our families.

Given the high number of infections and deaths linked to COVID-19 in the UK, “lifting the lockdown” will not reduce the uncertainty:

  • Parents need to feel confident that their children’s health is safeguarded before they consider a return to school
  • Employees need solid reassurances that effective measures are in place to allow them to work safely
  • Customers need to understand which venues have taken necessary precautions before resuming face-to-face trading.

But how can school leaders and business owners be sure that they’re effectively managing the risks associated with COVID-19? And how can they give parents, staff and customers the reassurances they need?

As an independent charity, with more than 100 years of experience of saving lives by promoting safe and healthy practices, RoSPA is proud to be in a position to help.

Our close working relationship with the HSE and Public Health England ensures we’re at the forefront of developments. Our rigorous approach to data means our services are underpinned by solid evidence.

Building on these foundations, we’re now able to offer a new COVID-19 Back-to-Work Review, to give you the peace of mind to open your doors, and others the confidence to step through them.

This new service consists of an onsite visit, in line with social distancing guidance, by one of our nationwide pool of safety experts. Once requested, we will email you in advance to let you know what issues they will review with you, and will also safely conduct a review of your premises.

You’ll then be issued with a concise report, detailing the areas you’re currently addressing, as well as those that require attention, and a RoSPA-branded certificate for you to display at the entrances to your workplace and website if you so wish.

Priced from just £184, this service is intended to cover its costs while providing a vital public service, not to generate a profit.

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