RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driver Development

RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driver Development

Supporting your car, van and LGV drivers to develop skills and techniques required to reduce the risk of being involved in a road traffic incident

What is the defensive driving course?

Our RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driver Development is the perfect way to ensure your drivers undergo continuous professional development by receiving a qualification in defensive driving.

This one-day defensive driving course qualification will address driver behaviour as the root cause of most traffic incidents, and will encourage safe decision making, as well as promoting an understanding of defensive driving principles.

Why take a defensive driving course?

In 2019, there were 1,752 people killed on the roads in Britain and 25,945 people seriously injured. Within the same year there was a total of 153,158 casualties of all severities in road traffic crashes.

On average, five people who are alive today in Great Britain will be dead tomorrow because of a road collision. Countless more are seriously injured. Whether you manage a fleet of cars, vans or LGVs for your organisation, our defensive driving course will keep your team safer and your costs lower. The course will equip each driver with effective approaches to hazards and defensive driving techniques, helping them to minimise risk while driving. The principles taught to the drivers will be applied to all types of road such as towns, country and motorway driving.

Why study with RoSPA?


We set the standards for road and vehicle safety


Courses are delivered by experienced and Level 4 qualified road safety professionals


Real and practical benefits that delegates take back to their organisation


Flexible study options to suit your needs – including COVID secure classrooms

What does the defensive driving course cover?

Attending our defensive driving course will allow drivers at your organisation to learn the principles of defensive driving and develop strategies to minimise occupational road risk.

Your drivers will learn how to recognise their own driving behaviours and manage their response to the behaviours of others, as well as developing defensive driving techniques and coping strategies to help them minimise their risk.

The defensive driving course will cover:
  • Recognising the role of human factors and driver behaviour in managing occupational road risk
  • Understanding the importance of planning to improve safety
  • Demonstrating safe driving behaviour in all driving environments
  • Understanding how conducting pre-journey checks can reduce occupational road risk
  • Conducting pre-journey driver and vehicle audits.

Where are the defensive driving courses taught?

We recognise that everyone is different and will work with organisations to deliver training in the workplace at a time and date that meets your business needs.

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A one-day course with a ratio of two candidates to one trainer.

This course is quality assured and regulated by RoSPA Qualifications as a Customised Award. Please note this course is not on the Ofqual register of qualifications.

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