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Teaching Safely

School Site Road Safety
School Site Road Safety

A reference manual for school leaders responsible for site safety

Safety should be a continuous planned process, an integral part of the management of any school or college.

The organisation should have clear policies, an understanding of the main stakeholders involved with health safety, clear plans and monitoring mechanisms. It is also crucial that information is used to review and learn from and so as to improve future arrangements as part of 'schools' approach to continuous improvement.


Developing a Framework

Developing a health and safety policy framework

Some key headings and discussion prompts for developing a whole school health and safety policy.

Sport and Leisure

Sport, Leisure and Water Safety

This section covers grounds and facilities, equipment, supervision and PE.

School Transport

School Transport

The highest risks children face during their school life is when they are using the road, including when walking, cycling or travelling as a passenger to or from school.

Government Stakeholder Advice

Play Safety Information

RoSPA's Play Safety web pages provide information on playground management and the safety of indoor and outdoor play areas.

Occupational Safety

Occupational Safety

Every year in the UK we face the challenge of reducing: about 350 fatalities to workers and members of the public due to reportable accidents at work.

School Visits

School Visits Guidance

Download or view our guidance 'Planning and Leading Visits and Adventurous Activities'.

Government and Stakeholder Advice
Click here for the latest Government and stakeholder advice for schools and colleges.


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