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RoSPA Level 4 Award in Advanced Behavioural Driver Training

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You are required to hold a RoSPA Gold level in Advanced Testing.
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This course is quality assured and awarded by RoSPA Qualifications as a Customised Award. Please note this course is not on the Ofqual register of qualifications.

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Gain access to the highest accolade in fleet driver training

What is the RoSPA Level 4 Award in Advanced Behavioural Driver Training course?

This 5 day RoSPA Level 4 Award in Advanced Behavioural Driver Training course is the only RoSPA Qualification of its kind. This DVSA approved course provides you with a coaching qualification to become a qualified fleet driver trainer and will allow you to gain entry to the DVSA fleet register.

Why take a fleet driver trainer course?

According to the Department for Transport figures, more than a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is driving as part of their work. As a result, we’ve seen the driver training industry change over recent years with more fleet driver trainers take coaching qualifications to increase the standard of training they provide.

Organisations and individuals understand that they need to ensure they are constantly training their workforce to ensure they are kept safe on the road. By providing your fleet driver trainers with a coaching qualification, it will not only save your organisation money on external training, but you’ll also have an in-house advanced fleet driver trainer who is skilled in delivering general advanced driver training to your employees.

As a fleet driver trainer, this course will develop and enhance your coaching skills in the classroom and on the road, so you can deliver training that makes the difference.

"It was one of the most effective and advanced training course, I have ever had. The trainer was outstanding and since carrying out the training I have mastered many effective and useful skills of coaching that I can apply in delivery driver training."

Rodion Manikaev - Director, A-Driver

Why study with RoSPA?


The only coaching qualification of its sort that is approved by the DVSA


An easy and simple route to gain access to the DVSA Fleet Register


Develop your coaching skills in the classroom and on the road


Courses are delivered by experienced fleet safety professionals

What does the fleet driver trainer course cover?

This fleet driver trainer course covers a number of topics to be able to develop your coaching techniques:

  • Goals for Driver Education (GDE) matrix
  • The system of car control (IPSGA)
  • Develops driving and instructional commentary – on the road
  • Coaching and client centred learning
  • Development of coaching questions on the move
  • Development of driving action plan
  • Development of coaching conversations, goal setting and feedback (STEER)

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Facilitate an interactive learning event, demonstrating effective classroom management skills
  • Show effective use of client centred learning techniques
  • Successfully complete an examination of driving and coaching practice
  • Demonstrate understanding of the factors that influence driver behaviour
  • Prove the use of instructional commentary as a learning tool
  • Complete an examination of their ability to coach qualified drivers on-road