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Full RoSPA Membership

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Full RoSPA Membership

As an employer you’re required by law to protect your employees and others from harm. Trusted by thousands, our membership service provides extra support and guidance to help you manage the risks faced by your organisation. By offering quality, up-to-date information and advice we can help your organisation get to grips with current legislation and support your journey towards compliance.   





Croner-i Navigate-Safety Lite   βœ”
Member webinar programme βœ” βœ”
Member certificate βœ” βœ”
Member logo   βœ”
Discounts in member shop βœ” βœ”
Discounted award entry βœ” βœ”
Weekly Croner-i e-alerts   βœ”
Opportunities to Influence policy   βœ”
Safe@Home-Safe@Work resources βœ” βœ”

Why choose Full Membership?

Developed for any size business with health and safety needs, our Full Membership service is a complete source of up-to-date guidance, support and information. It’ll help you get connected with industry leaders and make valuable connections with those who can help you develop and succeed, and you’ll also have the opportunity to tell us about the issues that impact your sector to influence how we talk to those in charge.

Trusted advice and guidance

Access to a wealth of up to date information


Opportunities to network with industry leaders


Ability to have your voice heard


Recognition of your commitment to safety

What's included in Full membership?

Developed for any size business with health and safety needs, our Full membership service is trusted by thousands of organisations in the UK and worldwide, as a great source of guidance, support and information.

My RoSPA online portal Discounted Awards entry
Latest advice and information Opportunities to influence
Webinars Member logo and certificate
Croner-i safety information Exclusive discounts
Croner-i e-alerts Safe@Work-Safe@Home resources

Everything you need to know about your membership benefits

MyRoSPA licence

Our easy-to-use online portal where you’ll access all your member benefits. Additional licences can be purchased for your organisation.

Advice and Information

From our journals, webinars, e-alerts, online portal powered by Croner-i to our trusted information and guidance will help you manage the risks you face, get a better understanding of legislation and help you reach compliance..

Member Logo and certificates
Member logo and certificate

Demonstrate your commitment to safety by showing customers, suppliers and employees that you’re a member.

Croner-i e-alerts
Croner-i e-alerts

Weekly email alerts on health and safety news and what’s new on Croner-i Navigate Safety Lite.


A packed schedule helps you connect and engage with fellow professionals.

Exclusive Discounts
Exclusive discounts

Members enjoy exclusive discounts on a range of RoSPA training, events and services.

Safe at Work, Safe at Home
Safe@Work Safe@Home resources

These resources will help keep your employees safe at home, on the road and in their leisure time.

Croner-i Inform Lite
Croner-i Inform Lite

A trusted source of quality business information and guidance in an easy-to-use online portal.

Discounted Awards Entry
Discounted Awards Entry

Enjoy 10% off your Awards entry and supplementary services.

Influence Policy
Influence Policy

Make your voice heard on the key policy issues that impact your sector.


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