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Mum and Dad were in their early 80’s but mum’s eyesight and mobility had been reducing in recent years. We knew she was at risk of having a fall, and we had convinced her to wear a pendant in case she fell when she was alone.

We had talked about getting the occupational therapist in to put up an extra rail on the stairs, but since my parents had renovated their house when they downsized, they were worried it wouldn’t match their new oak staircase. 

Dad was looking for the “right” thing on the internet, but it just didn’t get done.  When Mum fell, we found her at the bottom of the stairs.  She was so confused, in pain, and looked like she’d been in a boxing match.

One slipper was left on the top step, so I guess it was loose fitting slippers that caused the fall.  It was really distressing for her, and she was in pain for weeks with cracked ribs.

She was so lucky she didn’t break anything worse.

The first thing we did that day was throw out the slippers and buy a pair that fastened on her feet. The second thing we did was order the rail. It now goes all the way up the stairs, even round the turn at the bottom, and we managed to get one that suits the décor. We also put up grab rails in the shower and at the back door. Funnily enough, Dad gets as much benefit from them as Mum now.

I am so sorry that it took a fall to make the changes. I would urge anyone with elderly parents or relatives to take some time to look at the RoSPA Fall Fighter materials and then act quickly to remove fall hazards before an accident occurs. Your actions could make a real difference!

For more information on falls, visit our page here
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