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As a very passionate scuba diver, having just completed a four month internship to gain my divemaster qualification, I have an understanding of just how dangerous irresponsible scuba diving can be.

Extensive training, rules, planning, spare equipment, high standards of maintenance and lots of safety checks are all crucial in order to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time underwater.

After 400 largely incident-free dives this summer, I returned to my university accommodation to begin my final year.

"Suddenly the cafetierre tipped over and poured scalding hot coffee down my back and my arm"

One day I made myself a cafetierre of fresh coffee, perched it on the top of the sofa and sat down to enjoy my favourite TV programme. Suddenly the cafetierre tipped over and poured scalding hot coffee down my back and my arm. The pain was excruciating. The boiling hot coffee soaked into my clothes and I had to rush to get out of them as quick as possible before running to the shower and washing a flow of cold water over the burns for what felt like hours. I called 111 and was instructed to get medical attention.

The injury was bandaged up for the next few weeks, over which time the top layers of skin blistered, went black and became incredibly itchy before peeling off. I've been left with a scar down my arm and back and have now realised that the biggest hazards are often where and when you least expect them: when you are “safe and sound” at home, relaxing.

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