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Banksman Skills Refresher course

Keep your team up to date with any new legislation and refresh their existing banksman skills. 

What is the banksman skills refresher course?

This half-day refresher course is the perfect way to ensure your drivers undergo continuous professional development by updating their skills in traffic safety management. The course will cover updates to health and safety legislation, a recap of accident causation, signals, and a skills reassessment.


Why take the banskman skills refresher course?

Nearly a quarter of all deaths involving a vehicle at work occur during reversing. Many others involve costly damage to vehicles or property. This not only has a cost implication but can take time away from your core business. This refresher course will ensure your team can dynamically risk assess, actively identify risks and act on those risks. This reduces long term costs and helps to create a safer working environment.


Who is the banksman skills refresher course suitable for?

The course is open anyone who has passed the RoSPA Banksman Skills course.


Why train with RoSPA?


We set the standards for road and vehicle safety


Courses are delivered by our highly skilled, experienced and RoSPA approved instructors


Training tailored to the specific needs of the organisation


Can be delivered at any site around the UK

What does the banksman skills refresher course cover?

The course includes group discussions, a recap of the original course and practical skills followed by a reassessment. Some of the areas covered are:

  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Identifying Hazards
  • Hazard Control
  • Communication
  • PPE
  • Legislation.

How is the banksman skills refresher course delivered?

The course is delivered at clients' premises or at a mutually convenient location. All courses are delivered by our highly skilled, experienced and RoSPA approved instructors.

Get in contact to find out more about this course and book it today.

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