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What our members think

Our members give us a valuable insight into how organisations feel about crucial issues and help to shape our work. Together, we can make a
change for the better.

Here are some of the many member organisations that are supporting the Protect Our People campaign.


Ian Coombes


“I’m supporting the campaign because I believe the Government's Retained EU Law Bill could lead to the loss of essential health and safety legislation, which would be harmful to workers' and the public's health and safety.”


Michael Latchford

Aughton Automation

“We as a company are in the business of protecting the workforce and believe removal of regulations/legislation can and will be detrimental to the workforce of this country.”



Jason Martin

Automation Made Simple Ltd

“I believe the changing of the laws will result in poorer conditions and safety to the workforce.”


Roy Jones

BDS Wales Ltd

“Inevitably, revocation and removal of the EU legislation from the statute book will cost lives. If this goes through, it will make a mockery of the ‘life-saving legislation’ this country has been fortunate to be protected by under the basic principles of prevention. How on earth this decision is in the hands of politicians is
beyond comprehension!”


Micheal Gaughan

Bernard Sims Associates


Doug Kelly

BLS Asbestos Ltd 

“We need to improve on standards developed over many years.  We are at risk of losing all of the hard-earned gains in safety management.”



Jonathan Neale

Central Scotland Safety Forum

“This will have a significant detrimental effect on the protection of workers in the United Kingdom, resulting in increases in ill health and injury.”


Colin Dowding

CMD Inspection Services Ltd

“Change is NOT always for the better. Rolling back on the EU Legislation will cause more safety issues -
 NOT solve them.”



Colin Laidler

Colin Laidler Civil Ceremonies


Bill Crocker

Delegated Services

“We are supporting RoSPA's Protect Our People campaign because it is simply not good enough to allow any of our existing protections to terminate without having reviewed each of them, determining whether they are perfectly sound, something equivalent or better can replace them, modernising adjustment is needed, or in anticipated rare circumstances, they are no longer relevant or needed.”


Chad Jones

DWJ Harkin Ltd

“The UK is a world leader in regulating risks to health and safety in the workplace.  This cannot
 be put at jeopardy.”



Samantha Fedzin

Everlast Waterproofing Ltd

“Every employee is important to our business, so we want to ensure they have a safe and healthy workplace.”



Jason Borley

Global Environmental Consultancy Ltd

“To dilute our wonderful health and safety regulations is a crime against working people - with such a great system why take away what works? I can understand a review to check on any duplication, but to look at any changes to the six pack simply because they originated from Europe is madness.”



Kevin Heywood

KSH Safety Services

“Britain has one of the best records for health and safety in the world. This Bill threatens that record
for all of us.”


Lisa Williams

Libertas Health & Safety

“Protecting the health and safety of all workers is paramount - it is a basic right of all workers to expect to go to work and that their employer will do everything they can to protect their employees’ health and safety.  Legislation ensures that this happens. By removing this you are putting workers and employers at risk.”



Harry Clayton

M&O Group

“We want to make sure all employees go home safe each day.”



Damian Johnson 

MRC Prion Unit at UCL

“The removal of EU laws relating to H&S would potentially cause significant and unnecessary risk due to unforeseen consequences. Our institute manages the containment of deadly pathogens and can see no benefits in removing safety standards carefully considered over decades.”


Nigel Dobson

Multi Consultant Ltd 

“Everyone should be able to go home safe after work.”


Tony Griffiths

On Site Services (CBM & PM Ltd)


Steve Skinner

Pathfinder Homes

“I’m supporting this campaign to help stop health and safety from becoming history and fading into the background. There are too many pieces of legislation that will disappear from law, and in my humble opinion it should be at the least reviewed and given time for an inclusive consultation before being passed as law.”


Emma Wilkinson

PCR Global Limited

“We recognise the enviable health and safety record in UK workplaces and acknowledge that there are still opportunities for improvement. There is clear and compelling evidence to retain the health and safety regulations listed under the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform Bill) and failing to do so will lead to greater numbers of workers being injured, killed or made ill by their work. We are committed to supporting workplaces, employers and workers across the globe to ensure everyone goes home safe and that organisations are managing all of their risks effectively.”


Valerie Lawton

Platinum Safety Management Ltd

“We are a registered H&S company that supports many varied customers in the safety protection of their workforces and businesses - they all have a right to be protected by H&S laws.”


Phil Crawford

Precision Stevedores Limited

“The potential changes to health and safety legislation could be dangerous and seemingly ill-judged. We should aim to ensure life-saving protections are kept and updated, not removed or weakened.”



Steven George

Rainham Industrial Services Ltd


Carolyn Nicholls


“As a process safety professional working to support high hazard industries across the UK, I am very concerned that the implications of this Bill could be devastating.”






“Everyone deserves to enjoy a life free from preventable workplace injuries and illnesses.”


Dianne Tyrer

STEM Construction Ltd

“The health and safety of all people is paramount. Legislation supports this.”



Pamela Irvine


“The health and safety of all UK employees is paramount. We are a leader in the field and this bill would reverse the great work that we have achieved so far as a county in an instant. We should be improving the safety of our employees, not allowing them to be placed in harm’s way because the Government cannot be bothered to separate out relevant and beneficial laws from those that are obsolete.”


Steven Davis

Whg (Walsall Housing Group Limited)

“We believe in making a difference in a culture that cares.”



Anna Harrington 


“I support this campaign because these pieces of legislation are essential for business safety, efficiency, effectiveness and the protection of public/employee health.”


Robert Hughes 

Willsmer Consulting Ltd

"The removal of the regulations generated by the EU and adopted by the UK will leave employees at potential risk from less caring employers, but it will also leave employers in a confusing situation where the rules that have been in place for many years will no longer apply and take the UK back to only a few regulations introduced before the cull date and the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. 

The current approved codes of practice provided by the Health and Safety Executive may well have to be withdrawn as these are all based around the individual regulations such as Working at Height, the Control of Asbestos, the Control of Noise at Work, etc. This will leave employers without any standards to work to for how they protect their employees and may well lead to some employers taking advantage of the situation by ignoring the previous standards and putting employees at risk to make quick money.

The regulations need to be reviewed to remove some of the unnecessary bureaucracy present and it may be that some of the regulations can be simplified and combined to reduce the legislation burden on business but a wholesale removal will lead to uncertainty and greater risk for our people.”


Dr Neelesh Sogani

Zawawi Powertech Engineering LLC

“We strongly believe in ‘Beyond Zero’ - ensuring happiness of family by keeping employees safe.”


Find out more about the campaign and register for updates on our main Protect Our People webpage.

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