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One step closer to success: Government ditches the REUL Bill deadline

British safety standards have saved over 125,000 lives over the last 50 years – which is why we are encouraged by the Government’s latest decision to scrap the sunset clause of the Retained EU Law Bill.
This result would not have been possible without the continued and valued support of our trusted members and allies. We would like to wholeheartedly thank all those who pledged support to our campaign and continue to stand behind RoSPA.

Speaking on the news, Errol Taylor, RoSPA's CEO, said: 

“We welcome the latest word from the Government that it will u-turn on its planned approach – this would not have happened if it wasn’t for the pressure mounted by ourselves and other stakeholders.

After reviewing the re-drafted legislation we are encouraged that life-saving health and safety legislation will be saved from the REUL bonfire; and we hope that the UK will retain its status as a global leader in the area of health and safety.

Although we have clearly demonstrated the value of having a robust legal framework for health and safety, we are fully alert to the potential for ‘de-regulation’ to sweep away essential legislation and we will be watching developments closely. While our amendment still stands, we fully support wider amendments that insist on greater scrutiny aimed at improving rather than arbitrarily deleting legislation.”

REUL in brief - what you need to know

What are the latest changes to the REUL Bill?

The Retained EU Law (REUL) Bill was introduced under Liz Truss and Jacob Rees-Mogg with the intention of removing all EU legislation from the UK by the end of 2023 after the UK left the European Union in 2020.

Kemi Badenoch, the business and trade secretary, has now revealed fewer than 600 laws will be revoked under the bill by the end of the year instead of the 4,000 or so pledged.

She acknowledged there are "risks of legal uncertainty" by automatically scrapping the laws by the end of 2023.

Does this mean RoSPA's Protect our People has been a success? What are the latest changes to the REUL Bill?

It’s too early to say conclusively, but we are optimistic to learn that we have saved health and safety laws from the Bill, which means we can continue to benefit from legislation that protects communities across the United Kingdom. In itself, this is a major win and would not have been possible if it weren’t for the wholehearted backing of our friends, stakeholders and supporters.

However, although we are one step closer to success, we are fully aware of the potential for ‘de-regulation’ and the powers that enable Government to still amend REUL – and we will be watching closely to ensure that health and safety remains untouched.

What will happen to RoSPA’s amendment?

We submitted an amendment asking that the Government both extent its commitment to safety, but also that it inserts a new clause requesting that ‘The Secretary of State must publish a health and safety impact assessment for each piece of EU-derived legislation, and retained direct EU legislation, at least 90 days before it is to be revoked’

While our amendment still stands, we also fully support wider amendments that insist on greater scrutiny.”

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OSH Coalition joint statement 

Leading health and safety bodies issued a call to arms to scrap the arbitrary deadlines of the EU Retained Law Bill.


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