Bends on country roads

Bends on Country Roads

Photo courtesy of Pete Chapman

Most of us do our training on town, not country roads. Country roads are different so we need to apply our skills, knowledge and ability in a different way.

Some bends are smooth and even, opening up with a good line of sight once you are into them. Others can tighten up dramatically.

If you enter a bend at too high a speed you will find yourself with a major problem. If the road gives you clues about how it bends, then use them. You may see the:

  • curvature of white lines
  • path of telegraph poles
  • line of trees or hedges at the side of the road.

But, take care and remember things may not be as they first appear (the trees may go off over a field rather than follow the road). If in any doubt, lose more speed before the bend so you have greater room for manoeuvring safely, without having to brake on the bend itself.

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