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Trampoline parks

   Trampoline parks

Trampoline parks have seen rapid growth over the past two years, with around 100 in operation across major towns and cities.

Hundreds of thousands of customers have now enjoyed them, however some communities have seen a rise in visits to A&E as a result of accidents on the park, some of which have been very serious. 

Today sees the launch of a draft Publicly Accessible Specification (PAS) from members of the International Association of Trampoline Parks UK, British Standards and RoSPA.

The guidelines, published as draft for consultation today, seek to help park managers identify the key risks at both the design and operational stages, with the aim of establishing an effective approach to managing – but not entirely removing – the risk of injury to customers and staff.

The duties under UK law for most leisure and public facilities such as theatres, swimming pools or libraries are the same for trampoline parks in that they must have plans to address fire safety, evacuations, first aid and so forth.

One key difference between these facilities and a trampoline park is the nature and level of voluntary risk that visitors seek when using them.

In developing this draft PAS the group focused on creating a set of guidelines that seek to balance the removal of significant risks to injury, while keeping an environment that is attractive and encourages lots of activity, based upon visitors making a fully informed choice.

The PAS is available as a consultation document until November 30, after which comments and amends will be taken into consideration for the final version.

It is RoSPA's hope that these guidelines are adopted by all of the industry, and that customers will be able to clearly see what standards the parks work to.

Dave Walker, leisure safety manager

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