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Journalists using mobiles at the wheel

   Journalists using mobiles at the wheel

We are really pleased to see the implementation of the new, higher punishments for those using their mobile phones behind the wheel, and enforcement by police forces being stepped up to drive home this important message.

It’s vital that using a mobile phone is seen to be as socially unacceptable as drink-driving, and an important part of this will be spreading the message through the media.

Coverage of the issue has been excellent in recent times, with many national papers, TV news programmes and radio stations carrying stories and launching campaigns in an effort to get people to stop using their mobiles, to get motorists to understand the terrible consequences one moment of stupidity can have.

However a report from March 1, the launch date of the new penalties, claimed that one of the first people to be hit with the £200 fine and six points was a journalist, on their way to a briefing about the new law.

We have several former journalists working with us here at RoSPA, and all have made plain how pressured and reactive an environment media organisations can be. Many members of staff must be contactable at all hours of the day.

But we are calling for media organisations to practise what they have been preaching, and implement workplace polices that ensure journalists are not required or feel the need to use their mobile phone while driving.

There’s simply no excuse for deliberately putting other people’s lives at risk.

Nick Lloyd, road safety manager

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