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Women in Health & Safety: Dee Arp

   Women in Health & Safety: Dee Arp

To celebrate International Women's Day 2021 RoSPA are profiling just some of the amazing women who work for and with us. Dee Arp, Chief Operating Officer at NEBOSH reflects on her career in health and safety so far:

“I first got involved in health and safety when I attended an Accident Investigation and Prevention Course when I was working for Humberside County Council and was later invited to be a lecturer on the course. I was then successful in applying for the role of technical manager, road safety, at RoSPA."

During my time in the road safety department, the occupational health and safety department was starting to look at road risk and the concept of a ‘Managing Occupational Road Risk’ course. A trainer was needed with a road safety background so I started my occupational health and safety journey with IOSH Managing Safety, NEBOSH National General Certificate followed by the Diploma – to deliver MORR and also other courses and qualifications – and never looked back!"

“Have I ever been treated differently as a woman?"

" My working life began in civil engineering so I was used to being in the minority. Yes sometimes I was treated differently – for example at conferences the expectancy was for women to be in road safety as in education, rather than the technical side and I remember many surprised faces when I explained my background and role."

"Another funny example was when I was setting up the training room to deliver a Diploma course and a delegate arrived early and started chatting and made the assumption that I was a fellow delegate – another surprised face when I started the course! That said I have loved (and still do) my career and I have met and worked with amazing people."

“The main challenges have been to maintain a work-life balance where both sides complement each other and also bring what I have learnt to others. To drive change where there is resistance and to learn how to justify and inspire to bring it about. As a trainer, to find different ways to explain something that may be difficult to grasp and to find time to reflect to be better."

“What I love most about my job is working with people that are passionate about what they do – being part of something that is truly about making a difference and knowing that at the end of every working day that if one person somewhere in world has been prevented from harm then the day was been beyond worthwhile."

"I would like to think I have made a positive impact and shown that anything is possible if your intention is strong and your passion drives you."

“The advice I would give to women interested in getting involved in health and safety would be to go for it – explore the roles that are available out there and see where you can add so much value.”

This article has been kindly sponsored by L'Oréal, which is raising the profile of and increasing opportunities for women in health and safety throughout 2021.Developing the abilities of women as a currently underrepresented group in occupational health and safety (OSH) and enhancing their visibility in the sector is at the heart of the partnership between the two organisations. See:

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