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Baby bling

baby sucking on dummy

What is "baby bling" and what are the risks?

"Baby Bling" refers to the latest craze of accessorising items such as dummies, clips and bottles with stuck-on beads, gems and other decorations to add a touch of "bling" to a baby's look.

RoSPA is concerned that an increasing number of parents are opting to use these accessorised products and may not be aware of the hazards associated with them. Adding "bling" to baby products in this way serves no medicinal purpose, it is purely a cosmetic addition.

Bling dummies, clips and bottles are of great concern to Trading Standards officers. While many of these products are manufactured by legitimate companies in accordance with the highest safety standards, other companies have been known to buy these products and glue on gems, beads and other decorations. There are strict controls on adding such decoration to soothers, bottles and other baby products and, as such, these customised products are potentially unsafe.

A huge amount of enforcement action has been taken against suppliers of these products, primarily to address choking hazards posed when the "bling" becomes detached. The decoration can become stuck in the throat of the child or can be ingested and cause internal problems. Parents should not take the view that these products are safe because they regularly monitor their children – this is simply not possible every second of every day.

In RoSPA's view, the biggest problem is that these products are widely available on the internet, but the fact that these products are being offered for sale and delivery to your home does not mean that they are safe for your baby.

What to do if you have concerns about "baby bling"

If consumers have concerns about any products they have seen advertised, they should visit the Citizens Advice website or the Citizens Advice consumer service helpline on 08454 04 05 06.

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