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Product safety

Like anything, there are many products on the market that if used incorrectly can pose a risk to you and your family. Our pages below provide comprehensive information on some of the products that we know have caused accidental injuries.

From time to time, certain products can also be recalled due to a fault that could pose a risk to the user. When this happens it’s important that you take action – ensure that when buying new or used appliances you register them with the recall monitoring service Register My Appliance, and for the latest product recall information see the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

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Aerosol Safety

Aerosol safety

Aerosols are pressurised, concentrated and flammable!

Baby Bath Seat Safety

Baby bath seat safety

Baby bath seats can give a false sense of security

Baby Bling

Baby bling

Information on accessorised baby products

Baby Slings

Baby slings

How to ensure baby is safe in their sling

Baltic Amber Beads

Baltic amber beads

Read about concerns over these teething beads

Baltic Amber Beads

Blind cords

Young children can get tangled in looped blind cords

Button Batteries

Button batteries

These can do serious gastrointestinal damage

Chinese Lanterns

Chinese lanterns

What to consider if you are planning on using Chinese lanterns

Christmas Novelties

Christmas novelties

These are not toys, and should not be given to children

Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplace surrounds

Why safe installation is vitally important

Flat Screen TVs

Flat screen TVs

Ensure flat-screen TVs are properly secured

Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes

Be aware that fancy dress can be flammable

Household Cleaning Products

Household cleaning products

Info on our Take Action Today programme

Laser pens and laser pointers

Laser pointers

Laser pens can pose a serious risk to eyesight

Liquid laundry capsule detergents

Liquid laundry capsules

Children can ingest these or squirt them in eyes

Nappy Sacks

Nappy sacks

Nappy sacks pose a suffocation risk to babies

Pushchairs and Buggies

Pushchairs and buggies

What to look out for when buying

Second-hand Goods

Second-hand goods

A guide for what to be aware of

Toy Safety

Toy safety

How to keep your kids safe at playtime



Is vaping safe?

White Goods

White goods

Always be aware that your products may be recalled

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