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liquid laundry capsulesLiquid laundry capsules

Some of the most serious accidents happen in the home, particularly in the kitchen, and RoSPA has been made aware of cases involving young children who have been injured after biting into or placing liquid laundry capsules in their mouths.

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Liquid laundry capsules are an alternative to traditional powder, liquid or tablet-style detergents used in washing machines. They are placed in the drum area of washing machines.

If used correctly, these products are completely safe and very effective, but a recent survey found that nearly half of parents (45 per cent) store liquid laundry capsules within reach of children, unaware of the risks involved.

The cases of which RoSPA is aware involved children being admitted to hospital because of the ingestion of liquid detergent from capsules. In addition to children swallowing detergent, doctors have also raised awareness of the risk of injury to young children who get liquid detergent in their eyes.

This is why Fairy Non Bio have joined forces with RoSPA to reduce the number of incidents involving liquid laundry capsules through safe storage education.

A key phrase we want parents to remember when it comes to storage of cleaning products is keep them up, keep them closed, keep them safe.

If children are affected by chemical products then medical treatment should be immediately sought.

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Case study

Juliet and Eva Turner

Mother Juliet Turner knows only too well the risk of liquid laundry capsules as her 15-month-old daughter Eva ended up in intensive care in 2013 after biting into a liquid laundry capsule.

"It was one of the most frightening experiences of my life."

Juliet Turner, from Glasgow, said: "Although the liquid laundry capsules were in a box which a click-lid, Eva still managed to get into it. She bit into a liquid laundry capsule but was sick straight away.

"I didn't want to take any chances as I had heard about how toxic liquid laundry capsules could be, so I took Eva to hospital where she was kept in intensive care overnight.

"It was one of the most frightening experiences of my life, so I think fitting cupboard catches is a great idea. They look easy to fix on to cupboards, and anything that will help keep children safe is worth it."

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