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Waste/Recycling industry

The UK generates around 430 million tonnes of waste each year and it is estimated that around 160,000 workers are employed in the waste industry.

The waste industry reports around 4,000 accidents each year, and over three day injury handling accidents are the most common. Being struck by a refuse collection vehicle or a car are the most common workplace transport accidents.1

Following on from the joint HSE/Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum 'good practice' document (Health and Safety Training: Guidelines for the Waste Management and Recycling Industry) RoSPA would like to introduce you to our unique training courses and risk reduction solutions. These courses are available both as open training courses and as in-company courses.

Banksman training

Banksman training ensures that an organisation meets its legal requirements and reduces the risk of costly accidents when carrying out common, but dangerous reversing manoeuvres.

RoSPA offers a suite of Banksman courses including:

Further information within RoSPA's Fleet Safety Solutions.

Consultancy and auditing services

RoSPA consultants provide a uniquely flexible service tailored to meet your organisation's particular needs.

Our experienced waste industry consultants take the time to design a service to suit your organisation. The feedback given will be pragmatic and will provide you with the tools for simple, efficient implementation. By auditing current performance, informed decisions can be made, actions prioritised and resources allocated. Furthermore, regular reviews of safety performance will lead to a culture of continuous improvement.

Here you can find further information on RoSPA's Consultancy and Auditing Services.


  1. Mapping health and safety standards in the UK waste industry (Prepared by BOMEL Limited for the Health and Safety Executive 2004) -

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