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Safety doesn’t stop at work

As RoSPA members, you are skilled at ensuring your staff are safe at work – but what happens when the working day is finished?

Each year in the UK, around 6,000 people a year die following an accident at home, compared to around 200 people who die in accidents at work.

In addition, 10-20 per cent of workplace absenteeism occurs as a result of injuries sustained outside the workplace.

Using a holistic approach to safety can bring huge benefits to us all. By taking the safety knowledge and expertise you already use at work and applying it to employees’ whole lives, we can reduce the number of life-changing accidents affecting them and their families.

The Safe@Work-Safe@Home programme was established by L’Oréal, who have been pioneers in taking safety beyond the workplace, in particular focusing on home safety and those most at risk – young children and older people. Inspired by Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai’s story of the hummingbird, L’Oréal’s approach is that many individuals taking small steps towards a safer world can together create a huge change.

In partnership with RoSPA, the Safe@Work-Safe@Home initiative has been developed and expanded and we now want to encourage other organisations to join the programme, particularly in a post-COVID world, when our homes are also our workplaces and health services are struggling to cope. It has never been more important for organisations of all sizes to consider the benefits of safety beyond the workplace.

Start your journey today by accessing this bank of resources in the Safe@Work-Safe@Home hub, which has been sponsored by L’Oréal in the spirit of sharing

We need to take action now to make life at home as safe as it is at work and we want you to join us in making that happen.

Since 2019, L’Oréal has sponsored the Safe@Work-Safe@Home Award at RoSPA’s annual Health and Safety Awards. The award is designed to recognise companies who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in promoting safety and protecting employees in their lives outside of the workplace, in the home and in local communities.

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