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Safety within leisure activities

Holidays, day trips and spending time outdoors are all things that many people look forward to – however unfamiliar environments and activities can present risks so it is vital to be prepared.

Water safety

Latest figures from the Water Incident Database (WAID), which is maintained by the National Water Safety Forum, reveal that there were 223 deaths in UK waters from accidents or natural causes in 2019.

Just over one third (78) of all accidental drowning deaths happened at the coast/shore/beach, so families are being warned to take particular care if they are planning to head to the beach during the summer months – the most deaths happened in June, July and August.

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Beach Safety Tips

Stay safe by the seaside by reading our advice on how to prevent sunburn, drowning and other accidents.

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Inland Water Safety Tips

Stay safe on the towpath, by rivers and streams, by avoiding unintentional entries into the water.

Safe at work, Safe at home resources
Water Safety Tips

Download this poster to remind your team how they can avoid unintended entry into water and other aquatic hazards.

Safe at work, Safe at home resources
Water and Leisure Infographic

Download this asset to help communicate key leisure and water safety information to your network.


Trampolining is hugely popular among children and hospital Emergency Departments (A&E) are now having to deal with significant numbers of trampolining injuries. Risks can be massively reduced by raising awareness of the safety measures needed when buying, locating, setting up, maintaining and using trampolines.

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Trampolining and Bouncing

Accidents on trampolines can be really serious. Read our top tips to avoid a crash landing.

Camping, fires and barbecues

Unfamiliar surroundings and ways of doing things can lead to life-changing accidents, so preparation is key.

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BBQ Safety Tips

Read our advice to avoid burns, scalds and other BBQ mishaps before lighting those coals.

Safe at work, Safe at home resources
Camping Safety Tips

Enjoy sleeping under stars and being in the fresh air by knowing what causes common camping accidents.

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