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Are you struggling to train your staff in Safer People Handling?

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the health and social care sector -  we understand your difficulties and the external pressure you’re experiencing. We know that you need to ensure that you deliver the best care possible to your residents, as well as keeping everybody safe within their working environment. We’re working with a number of organisations just like yours to help them deliver the best possible care they can and maintain the high standards that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) requires.

Why are care providers struggling to deliver Safer People Handling?

The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 describes how you must meet the fundamental standards below which care must never fall. Recently however, health and social care services have been under greater strain than ever due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Care providers across all professions continue to work tirelessly to help those who need care, with their number one priority being the safety and wellbeing of those living, visiting and working in these settings.

The importance of care providers making sure they have the right training is established within the regulations, which aim to make sure that providers:

  • Treat users of their service with respect and dignity at all times while they are receiving care and treatment
  • Ensure that each person receives appropriate person-centred care and treatment that is based on an assessment of their needs and preferences
  • Assess the risks to people's health and safety during any care or treatment and make sure that staff have the qualifications, competence, skills and experience to keep people safe.

How are we helping the health and social care sector?  

As a membership charity, we’re working with a number of organisations just like yours to help deliver training within the workplace. We understand that organisations often don’t want external suppliers to come into their workspace to deliver the training due to the risk of COVID-19.
That’s why our solution allows you have a trained person or people in-house who can deliver training to your own staff. Your workplace will become a recognised RoSPA Qualification centre and able to deliver our RoSPA Level 3 award for Safer People Handling Trainers.
In addition, if this qualification doesn't meet your needs then a customised awards can be developed, so it meets your direct training needs to ensure the best quality of training is delivered.

"Fantastic course that I would highly recommend. The trainer was brilliant, got everyone involved and promoted the desire to learn."

Mick Dunn - FCC Environment

Why work with us?

Recognition from a trusted provider
Help improve CQC ratings and decrease reputational risk, by reducing accidents and injuries to both staff and patients
Customised Awards can be tailored to each care provider’s specific requirements and equipment
The qualification can be delivered to meet the needs of the workforce and your organisation
Reduce costs of using external providers and the opportunity to generate income by becoming a recognised centre and training other care providers

What does the RoSPA Level 3 Award for Safer People Handling Trainers Qualification course cover?

This qualification consists of three mandatory units. The first unit develops learner’s knowledge of the principles and practices that underpin the safe movement of people in the workplace. The second unit develops the learner’s knowledge and skills in the application of basic biomechanical principles and safe dignified practices to the movement of people within the workplace. The final unit develops the learner’s knowledge and skills so they can prepare, deliver and evaluate a training course.

Tailor your approach and deliver the best service you can to your residents

Every organisation is different and has different needs, so contact Pamela today to start exploring how we can help your organisation today.


Pamela Theofanous

Key Account Manager Care Sector

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   Key Account Manager Care
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