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Become a RoSPA Qualifications Centre

At RoSPA Qualifications, we believe that promoting health, safety and driving qualifications is crucial for organisations and individuals alike. That's why we offer the opportunity to become a RoSPA Qualifications Centre, giving you a pivotal role in shaping a much safer future for your employees and others.

Why choose to become a RoSPA Centre?


Globally recognised

Credibility and

Growing portfolio of Qualifications 


What are the benefits of becoming
a centre?

  Expand your reach

 ✓  Boost your business

 ✓  Training is updated and relevant

 ✓  Dedicated support

  24 hour portal access to register and manage your learners 

“Getting recognised as a Centre by RoSPA Qualifications was very straightforward and provides us with the opportunity to deliver RoSPA-levelled qualifications to our drivers. The external verification conducted by RoSPA gives us peace of mind, knowing that our drivers all meet a globally renowned standard.”
Mwasalat Oman
RoSPA Centre

Steps to Become a RoSPA Qualifications Centre 

Centre Prerequisites
  • The necessary level of financial, technical and staffing resources to support the delivery of RoSPA qualifications
  • Staff with the appropriate competence and experience to undertake the delivery of the qualification
Centre Policies and Procedures*
  • Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
  • Learner Appeals Procedure/Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • Arrangements to prevent and investigate allegations of malpractice and maladministration
  • Conflict of interest
 *RoSPA Qualifications can assist with ensuring these policies & procedures are in place

Ready to become a RoSPA Qualifications Centre?

Contact us now to discuss.

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