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Technical & Administrative Training Institute LLC (TATI)

Jeremy Fox - Head of Defensive Driving & PDO Contract Manager

"I've found RoSPA's accreditation of the driving institute I manage in Oman to be invaluable. RoSPA is such a well-known and internationally renowned symbol of quality, it makes me very proud to have its familiar red logo on our website and various other material.

It required a lot of work to get to the required standard, so I'm also very proud of my training manager and mostly Omani trainers. This was a worthwhile effort because, with RoSPA's help, people can see that we're the leading driver-training institute in the region.

To clients, potential clients and fellow professionals around the world who know about health & safety – and especially as it relates to the much-needed improvement of driving standards in the Middle East – I know I only have to tell them that my organisation is a RoSPA-accredited training body and there will immediately be an appreciation that TATI is a serious player with highly qualified and motivated managers and trainers."

Frontier MEDEX

FrontierMEDEX Ltd

Margaret Stevenson – Project Executive

In a world where 50 million people are injured on our roads, the majority in developing countries, RoSPA assures full international accreditation for all companies providing duty of care through FrontierMEDEX defensive driver training programmes - no matter how harsh or remote the environment, wherever they are in the world.

Motorcycle Academy

Motorcycle Academy

Mike Addison – MAIRSO

"The enviable reputation of RoSPA is established 'world-wide'. They have been invaluable to me both during my time in the police service and since retiring and working within the 'road-safety' industry. To have the UK's leading safety experts accredit any course gives unquestionable credibility and quality assurance for would-be customers and sets those accredited apart from the crowd."



Mohamed Fahmy – Chairman

Despite the global recession in 2008, after having our defensive driving courses accredited in November 2008, the turnover of our defensive driving courses jumped from 452K Egyptian pounds in 2008 to 1.067M Egyptian pounds in 2009. We very much value the addition that RoSPA accreditation provided and are on our way to have the rest of our HSE courses accredited.

Sergey Moiseev

Active-Safety LLC

Sergey Moiseev

RoSPA is a serious partner and a flexible organisation - providing courses both on the home field and abroad, in hard winter and hot summer. RoSPA keeps in focus the core content and provides expertise of Roadcraft and especially of car control system. The RoSPA experts we have been trained by have strong personalities but were able to find individual ways to teach each of us. Every one of us benefitted with lots of practical hints and driving improvements. The training was hard but also with a lot of humour and a wealth of common sense. The exam for trainers is provided in gentle form but without compromise on content, so in fact it is a hard task. If RoSPA does accreditation for a company and certifies trainers - it is always value for money and offers a recognised level of skill, everywhere in the world. And now in Russia we are proud to be the first training agency who provides Advanced and Defensive Driver training accredited by RoSPA!

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