High Speed Driver Training Body Accreditation

Quality assurance for emergency services.

The introduction of section 19 to the Road Traffic Regulations Act 2006 is being designed to ensure that any driver working on behalf of the statutory Emergency services is adequately trained to use the exemption and exceed the speed limit. Each emergency service needs to employ a training body, either internally or through an external contract to provide this training.

RoSPA do not provide High Speed Driver Training and currently section 19 of the Road Traffic Act has not been finalised. RoSPA are however, recognised as a respected organisation that can provide support to the below groups who are looking for a process to quality assess their courses and trainers to ensure that it meets with the anticipated codes of practice:

  • Non-Statutory training organisations that provide courses and trainers who are delivering blue light/high speed driver training.
  • Emergency service organisations that have internal training courses and instructors having already completed section 19 training.

RoSPA's High Speed Driver Training Body Accreditation includes quality assurance for the entire process as listed below:

  • High speed Driver Training
  • High Speed Driver Competency and Training
  • High Speed Instructor Competency
  • High Speed Driver Training Quality Assurance

Also available to download: High Speed Driver Training Body Accreditation (PDF 217kb)

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