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Community Safety Scotland Webinar: Best knowledge of what works

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The second webinar in this series will highlight evidence of initiatives that work in practice, and also examine risk-taking behaviour in young children.

Anyone with an interest in injury prevention, specifically concerning young children in the home environment, as well as those with an interest in developing policy, will benefit from this webinar.


Denise Kendrick, Nottingham University

Denise will be talking about a recently completed 4 year project (the Stay one Step Ahead project) which implemented evidence-based home safety in disadvantaged wards in Nottingham City and will present their findings.

Marianna Brussoni, University of British Columbia

Marianna will be pre-recording a presentation about children’s outdoor risky play, specifically looking at how to support it, while also considering risk benefit assessment to manage the hazards. Marianna will cover why outdoor risky play is so important for children and how many of our well-intentioned concerns around safety have been problematic.

Hilary Johnston, Public Health Agency, Northern Ireland

Hilary will be presenting to delegates about the home safety check scheme that runs in Northern Ireland.