Top Tips for Simplifying Your Safety Structure

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November 4


11:00 BST

This webinar identifies The Top Tips for Simplifying your Safety – especially as many businesses have or are returning to work. These tips will not only help you make your workplace safer; they will help you comply with your legal obligations and, more crucially, reduce the chance of an accident or incident for those newly returning to the workplace.

With new and revised regulations, the last thing any business needs after re-opening is a long and complex accident investigation task.

Focusing on just the top tips, Shabbir Halai, Director of Safety is The Key Ltd., will explain the importance of each topic then show you how you can easily deal with each one and plan improvements that will complement your re-opening plans.

Putting in place good health and safety is simple and it’s also sensible!

Shabbir and his team have listened to a lot of worry and concern from a range of clients recently – the business owners, directors, managers and of course the employees themselves. All have a range of questions about what to expect when they return, but, with workplace fatalities on the increase, one thing they must expect, is a return to high standards of workplace health and safety.

Not only do businesses have a moral duty of care to workers, there are now enhanced legal obligations on employers to look after the health, safety and welfare of their employees and those in the workplace.

So let’s look at the top tips to focus on in your workplace - whether that workplace is an office, workshop, leisure centre, garage, warehouse, hotel or care home?