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Mountain Rescue Vehicle

4x4 Driver Training 

The occupational road risk from larger, heavier vehicles which often have a higher centre of gravity is significant, especially in emergency and adverse weather or winter conditions. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) cover the use of 4×4 vehicles in the workplace. This means that companies must ensure that their drivers receive ‘adequate information, instruction and training’ in their use.


What is the 4x4 driver training course?

This one day 4x4 driving course provides an in-depth introduction to 4x4 operations and the relevant health and safety legislation. On successful completion, the delegate will be competent in the safe use of 4x4 vehicles over a variety of terrains, to include safety procedures.

Why do drivers need off road training?

In order to satisfy the legal requirements in regards to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, PUWER, the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999 and the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007. In addition, off road training will develop and improve skills to get the best out of your vehicle, help prevent accidents and reduce the respective costs to your business.

Who is the 4x4 driving course aimed at?

For professional and fleet operators of off road and all-terrain capable vehicles. 

Why train with RoSPA?


We set the standards for road and vehicle safety


Courses are delivered by our highly skilled, experienced and RoSPA approved instructors


Training tailored to the specific needs of the organisation


Can be delivered at any site around the UK

What does the 4x4 driver training course cover?

  • Introduction to 4x4 systems and the health and safety legal framework
  • An understanding of safety and legal requirements, including selecting correct PPE, safe practices, warning signs and guards
  • Identifying and interpreting information effectively from the user manual
  • Loading and unloading machinery from the  vehicle
  • Being competent to carry out all pre and post operation checks and maintenance
  • Preparing the 4x4 for work, including checking and adjusting safety devices and loading the machine safely
  • The construction and working principles of the machine including drive and transmission systems
  • Use of the controls
  • Start up and driving the vehicle safely, in a range of different ground conditions
  • Weight transfer and its implications with regard to vehicle dynamics, safety and handling
  • An introduction to varied terrain and loss of traction to include ascents, descents, side slopes, water (where available), ruts and ditches etc.

How is the off road training course delivered?

All of our off road training courses are delivered on site (where possible) or at purpose built training centres across the UK, and are delivered by our highly skilled, experienced and RoSPA approved instructors.

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