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RoSPA Level 4 Award in Advanced Behavioural Driver Training (International)

Rapid urbanisation, increased motorisation, and diverse traffic environments – just a few of the factors that cause road incidents around the world. The good news? With the right qualifications, education and collaboration, collision rates can be reduced.

If you’re committed to road safety and want to gain global prominence by becoming a RoSPA Qualifications centre, the RoSPA Level 4 Award in Advanced Behavioural Driver Training (International) is for you.

Delivering this internationally recognised qualification will enable your organisation to contribute to raising the standards of driver education worldwide.

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About the RoSPA Level 4 Award in Advanced Behavioural Driver Training (International) 

The RoSPA Level 4 Award in Advanced Behavioural Driver Training (International) is a prestigious qualification benchmarked at Level 4 using the Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework. 

Developed for the international market, this qualification equips participants with the knowledge of European Goals for Driver Education, Gibbs Reflective Cycle, System of Car Control (IPSGA), and Frameworks for Coaching.

Why deliver our qualification?


 ✓  Get international recognition
       - Gain prominence as a recognised RoSPA Qualifications centre.
       - Enhance your credibility through a globally respected qualification.

 ✓  Gain a competitive edge  
       - Stand out in the market by offering a unique and driving training                   qualifcation.
       - Use RoSPA’s brand recognition to attract individuals and organisations            looking for advanced behavioural driver training.

 ✓  Benefit from quality assurance 
Benefit from RoSPA’s robust quality assurance process, ensuring the             highest standards of training.
       - Showcase your commitment to excellence with RoSPA’s quality mark.

  Boost professional development  
       -  Elevate the skills and expertise of your trainers via a comprehensive              curriculum
       -  Demonstrate commitment to continuous professional development               for your team.

 ✓  Learn flexibly 
Deliver the qualification over a minimum of 6 weeks with 45 guided learning hours. Allow participants to complete 10 unspuervised learning hours before attending the course.

“Our highly trusted qualifications can be added to your organisation's portfolio and be delivered to others when you become a recognised RoSPA Centre”

Julia Small
RoSPA Achievements Director

What does the RoSPA Level 4 Award in Advanced Behavioural Driver Training (International) cover?

This behavioural driver training qualification consists of three mandatory units:

Unit 1 - Understanding the concept of Roadcraft

This unit delves into how human factors and journey context determine driver behaviour and evaluates the effectiveness of Gibbs’s Reflective Cycle. It also explores the theoretical benefits of a methodical system of a car control and acclaimed coaching methods.  

Unit 2 – Applying the 'Roadcraft' system of car control 

Learners evaluate the benefits of a methodical system of car control such as IPSGA and the coaching techniques needed to facilitate learning in the classroom and on the road. Learners will also analyse client-centred interventions and demonstrate their learnings via a development record.

Unit 3 – Coaching and facilitating learning

Students will demonstrate a teaching session related to driver safety or occupational road risk and showcase the effectiveness of coaching and client-centred techniques. They will also identify and develop the knowledge, skills and understanding required to deliver effective driver training.

How is this qualification assessed?


Practical demonstration


Observation of
practical skills


Written assignment


Question and answers.


How to deliver our RoSPA Level 4 Award in Advanced Behavioural Driver Training (International)

Become a RoSPA Qualification Centre
Become a recognised RoSPA Qualification Centre

By becoming a recognised RoSPA Centre, your organisation can add our highly trusted qualifications, including the RoSPA Level 4 Award in Advanced Behavioural Driver Training (International), to your portfolio and then offer them to other organisations.

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