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Navigate the roads with safety and confidence

RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driving

The RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driving is a carefully designed qualification that empowers individuals to navigate the roads with increased safety and confidence. Aimed at those who drive as part of their work responsibilities, this course offers a comprehensive understanding of road risks, defensive driving techniques and strategies to cultivate a positive driving attitude. Recognised and regulated by Ofqual this course goes beyond mere technical skills, delving into the psychology of driving behaviours and their influence on road safety.

This course meets your needs if your business:


Has professional drivers who regularly drive as part of work responsibilities


You’re seeking to enhance your drivers’ skills and safety awareness


You aim to demonstrate a recognised standard of driving competence


You’re committed to contributing to a safer road environment and reducing accidents


Benefits of the RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driving

For employers:
  1. Reduced bent metal and insurance costs: One of the most tangible benefits for employers is a reduction in accidents and vehicle damage. By equipping drivers with comprehensive defensive driving skills the course contributes to fewer collisions, ultimately leading to lower insurance costs and minimised vehicle repair expenses.

  2. Decreased operational disruptions: Accidents can lead to downtime, missed orders and operational disruptions. With employees trained in defensive driving the likelihood of accidents decreases, ensuring smoother operations and fewer disruptions.

  3. Enhanced reputation and reduced reputational risk: Companies that prioritise road safety and invest in training demonstrate a commitment to both employee wellbeing and public safety. This commitment enhances the company's reputation and reduces reputational risks associated with accidents involving company vehicles.

For delegates:
  1. Improved driving skills: The course equips delegates with advanced driving techniques to help them become more skilled and confident drivers. This not only enhances their safety but also improves their overall driving experience.

  2. Heightened safety awareness: Participants learn to recognise potential risks on the road and develop strategies to mitigate them. This heightened awareness contributes to better decision-making and the ability to anticipate and respond to hazardous situations.

  3. Reduced road risk: Armed with defensive driving strategies, delegates can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and near misses. This in turn leads to a safer driving environment for themselves and others on the road.

What does the RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driving cover?

The RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driving covers a wide range of essential topics ensuring participants are well-prepared to navigate various driving scenarios responsibly.

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Some of the key subjects covered include:

Unit 1: Foundational knowledge and awareness

This unit establishes the groundwork for responsible and safe driving by concentrating on fundamental principles that bolster road safety. Participants will cover topics including:

  • Recognising driver health importance: Understanding the significance of regular health checks and how a driver's physical and mental condition can impact their safety on the road

  • Vehicle inspection and maintenance: Learning the significance of maintaining vehicles in optimal condition via routine maintenance and inspections making sure that vehicles are roadworthy and safe

  • Journey impact on driver behaviour: Investigating how different journey types and environments can shape driver behaviour and attitudes, nurturing a better understanding of adapting to differing road conditions

  • Driver personality and journey outcomes: Scrutinising how individual driver personalities add to the way they handle driving situations, underscoring self-awareness and adjusting to improve road safety.


Unit 2: Ensuring vigilance and alertness

Unit 2 centres on ensuring that drivers remain vigilant, alert and responsive while operating a vehicle. Participants will acquire techniques to mitigate common risks associated with driver fatigue, distractions and impaired driving:

  • Recognising driver fatigue: Identifying the signs of driver fatigue and mastering efficient precautionary measures to combat tiredness and maintain alertness during prolonged journeys

  • Effects of alcohol and medication: Learning the impacts of alcohol, medications and substances on driving ability and how to make responsible choices to ensure road safety

  • Distraction management: Formulating tactics to avert diversions and maintain focused attention while driving, reducing the risk of accidents caused by inattention

  • Speed and seatbelt awareness: Understanding the aftermath of inappropriate speed and not wearing seatbelts, emphasising responsible speed management and seatbelt usage.


Unit 3: Advanced defensive driving techniques

This unit explores advanced defensive driving techniques and strategies that empower participants to confidently navigate various hazards and challenges on the road:

  • Hazard recognition and response: Exploring the concept of hazards, their types and developing the ability to recognise potential risks. Participants learn effective strategies to respond to hazards promptly and safely

  • Creating space and time: Understanding the significance of maintaining adequate space between vehicles and creating time buffers to be able to react to unexpected situations effectively

  • Speed management for hazards: Acquiring knowledge on how to calibrate speed to safely manage hazards making sure that participants can navigate challenging road conditions while maintaining control

  • Low-speed manoeuvring and defensive driving: Mastering the technique of safe low-speed manoeuvres such as parking and manoeuvring in tight spaces while considering the safety of other road users

  • Reducing road risk: Summarising the fundamental principles of defensive driving and how they collectively contribute to reducing road risk. Participants will be equipped with strategies to adopt a defensive driving mindset and approach to their journeys.

How is the RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driving assessed?

The RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driving is assessed through a combination of activities that evaluate participants' understanding and practical application of defensive driving concepts. The assessment process is designed to ensure that learners have effectively grasped the course material and can apply it to real-world driving scenarios. Here are the assessment methods typically used for this qualification:

Verbal questions and answers:


Learners may be asked to respond to verbal questions related to defensive driving concepts, road safety principles and hazard recognition. This allows assessors to gauge participants' theoretical understanding of the material.

Practical demonstration
and observation:

Participants are evaluated on their ability to apply defensive driving techniques during actual driving scenarios. This assessment method involves observing how learners react to hazards, maintain appropriate speeds, demonstrate eco-friendly driving practices and exhibit overall safe driving behaviour.

Internal assessment
and verification:

The assessments are conducted internally by the training centre or institution delivering the course. Trained assessors evaluate participants' performance and ensure that they meet the required standards of defensive driving competence. Additionally, there is a verification process to maintain the quality and consistency of assessment outcomes.

What will your drivers gain from completing this course?

Delegates who successfully complete the RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driving will have gained the ability to:

 ✓  Prepare for safe driving by recognising potential risks and hazards

 ✓  Identify and mitigate factors that increase road risk

 ✓  Safely navigate various roads types and conditions

 ✓  Demonstrate positive driving behaviour that reduces the risk of                     accidents and injuries


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